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Format: 2D Animation
Audience:3-8 years
Style: Comic / Adventure

● Season 1: Happy Lucky Piggy 13 mins x 52 ep.
● Season 2: Piggy Bajie and Rabbit Yu Tu 13 mins x 26 ep.
● Season 3: Piggy Bajie and Tiao-Tiao Mouse 13 mins x 26 ep.

General Tian Peng in the Heaven makes a serious mistake. As a punishment, he is expelled to the earth, but accidentally becomes a piggy, and renamed Bajie. His old friend in the Heaven, Fudi, follows him to the earth and attempts to embarrass him everywhere. One after another comic stories between them take place in the earth.



Mr. Cookie


Format: Stop-motion Animation

Running Time: 13 mins x 52 ep.

Audience: 3-8 years

Style: Comic / Adventure


Everything is made of flour in the Cookie City. Mr. Cookie is the only police sergeant in the city. He is always anticipating something BIG to happen, so that he can become a hero and respected by every one in the Cookie City. Funny cases come one after another...



Legend of Mulan


Format: 2D Animation

Running Time: 22 mins x 52 ep.

Audience: 6-12 years

Style: Adventure / Inspirational


In ancient China, there was a girl called Mulan. When her country was in crisis of war with other nations, Mulan dressed as a man and joined the army. She finally became a legendary hero of China.





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